Jul 13, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog


This page reflects corrections, edits or other changes after the initial publication of the catalog.


Course added: ACC 4521  

Course added: ANTH 4100  

Course added: ANTH 4200  

Course added: ANTH 4300R  

Course added: ANTH 4400  

Course added: ANTH 4500  

Course added: ANTH 4600  

Course added: ANTH 4950R  

Course added: HIST 2550  

Course added: MGT 3290  

Course added: MGT 4240  

Course modified: ACC 4060  

Course modified: ANTH 4940R  

Course modified: CHEM 4830R  

Course modified: CHEM 4995R  

Course modified: CHEM 4997R  

Course modified: CRMJ 3750  

Course modified: IARC 3900  

Course modified: MATH 1130  

Course modified: MGT 1000  

Course modified: MGT 4270  

Course modified: PHYS 4995R  

Course modified: PHYS 4997R  

Courses deactivated: ANTH 2300, ANTH 3000, ANTH 3100, ANTH 3350R, ANTH 3450, ANTH 3550, MGT 3860





Additional Items

Course fee added: EDUC 3510  (August 2023)

Course fee added: EDUC 4510  (August 2023)