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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Business Administration: Healthcare Administration, M.B.A.

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Online Background Modules

The online background modules are not for academic credit.  Each module is designed to require 20 to 30 hours to complete. Assessments are required for successful completion of each module with the minimum score determined by faculty.  Currently this score is a minimum of 80% on the timed final exam. Some or all of the background modules in which academic training has previously been completed may be waived based on a review of academic transcripts. Additional information including course syllabi may be required to determine the waiver. 

All required background modules must be completed before more than six hours of MBA courses are completed and before taking any courses for which they are prerequisites.  Additionally, students may not register for any courses beyond the six credit hour maximum prior to completing all required background modules.  Students are strongly encouraged to complete all background modules prior to taking any MBA courses.  Contact the Rollins College of Business Graduate Programs Office at 423-425-4210 or visit www.utc.edu/mba for more information.

  • Concepts in Economics (Micro and Macro)
  • Business Statistics
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Principles of Accounting

Program Requirements

The MBA program requires that a student complete a minimum of 36 semester credit hours  in approved graduate coursework. Students admitted to the program who lack academic experience in certain areas will be required to complete online background modules listed above in order to gain needed competencies and prior to taking certain courses.

MBA Required Core and Capstone Courses (27 hours)

Capstone Course

Concentration in Healthcare Administration

Nine hours of elective course work is required from the following. Students will select any three of the five listed courses. Each course is 3 semester credit hours.

Total 36 hours

Additional Information and Notes

Graduate level MBA courses for which a student has earned an A or B at UTC or any other institution cannot be repeated for credit. Students registering for courses in which they have earned an A or B will be changed to audit.

Continuation:  Students who earn 3 or more grades of C or below in graduate level courses will be dismissed from the MBA program.

Transfer Credit: Six semester hours of courses completed at other universities for graduate credit may be considered to satisfy MBA degree program requirements at UTC. Only courses with a grade of B or better for the same number of semester credit hours and that are taken at a university accredited by AASCB can be considered for transfer credit. A transferred course generally must form a logical part of the MBA program (be equivalent to an existing UTC MBA course) to be approved.

Those who request transfer credit must be prepared to provide the university catalog in effect at the time at which the courses were completed as well as any other supporting information such as course syllabi to the Director of MBA Program Rollins College of Business and the Dean of the Graduate School. For additional requirements see “Transfer Credit” under Academic Policies for Graduate Students  in the UTC Graduate Catalog.

Program of Study: Students must submit a Program of Study during the first semester of graduate coursework. The Program of Study consists of all core courses and any electives and establishes the courses the student must take for partial fulfillment of the degree requirements. The Program of Study form must include all core courses and concentration courses or electives, if known at the time, the student will take. The Program of Study form is located at www.utc.edu/graduate-school/student-resources/forms.php.

Admission to Candidacy: Students will typically file for candidacy in the semester prior to their anticipated graduation and should list all courses not listed on the Program of Study and any changes in coursework. To be eligible for admission to candidacy, a student must have earned a minimum 3.0 GPA on all courses taken up to that point and a 3.0 institutional cumulative GPA in all graduate coursework to be eligible for degree conferral.

A Graduation Audit form may be obtained on-line at www.utc.edu/graduate-school/student-resources/forms.php. Students should refer to the “Admission to Candidacy” section under Academic Policies for Graduate Students  in the UTC Graduate Catalog for additional information regarding admission to candidacy. The Application for Graduation Audit must be approved by the Director of the MBA Program in the Rollins College of Business and the Dean of the Graduate School.

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