Jun 29, 2022  
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Computational Science: Computational and Applied Mathematics, Ph.D.

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Dr. Lingju Kong, Coordinator

(423)425-4582 or email at Lingju-Kong@utc.edu


The Computational and Applied Mathematics concentration within the Graduate School of Computational Science Ph.D. program is designed for qualified students holding B.S. or M.S. degrees in mathematics, engineering, or the sciences.  The goals of this concentration are to develop a student’s ability to carry out advanced research and to ensure the breadth and depth of mathematical knowledge required to obtain a faculty position in academia or a research position in industry or at a national laboratory, and to foster strong interdisciplinary research across various disciplines in science and engineering at the campus of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). 

Research within the Department of Mathematics is currently being conducted in many areas of the mathematical sciences, including numerical analysis and scientific computing, computational and theoretical fluid mechanics, mathematical and computational biology, computational statistics, probability theory, graph theory, and operations research and optimization.  Research is an essential component of this program, and students are required to consolidate their knowledge by taking advanced courses and pass a candidacy exam in computational and applied mathematics in order to progress into the research phase of the program. 

Students will have the opportunity to pursue research interests in many different areas and conduct research under the supervision of a distinguished mathematics faculty.  Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the program, several different groups contribute to the teaching and supervision of research.  Students are expected to combine their basic mathematical studies with deep involvement in some field of application.  In addition to the independent research that students are doing in a specific area, students are expected to master an extensive amount of subject matter in computational and applied mathematics.

Course requirements

A total of 72 semester hours beyond the Bachelor’s degree is required.

If the student has a Master’s degree, a credit of 24 semester hours is given, i.e., the student will need a total of 48 semester hours in order to complete the requirements of the Doctoral program

A minimum of 24 semester hours in Doctoral Research and Dissertation, of which at least 12 in mathematics. The research topic, as defined by the student’s advisor and approved by the dissertation examination committee, should be one where computations play an integral role.

C) Additional Mathematics Credits (6 or 15 hours)

  • All students must complete at least 6 hours of Mathematics at the 7000-level
  • Students entering the program with an earned Bachelor’s Degree must complete at least an additional 9 hours in Mathematics
  • These are exclusive of thesis or dissertation credit.  The student’s supervisory committee can approve a student’s petition to replace one 7000-level course with one or more 5000-level course(s) that are more appropriate.


Course requirements in A) and B) may be waived if an equivalent course has been taken during the students’ Master’s degree.  In this case, the waived coursework will be replaced by MATH 5570- Complex Analysis, and, as necessary, additional hours in mathematics at the 5000-level or above.

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