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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Music: Performance

The performance concentration includes 15 hours in applied music study, ensemble participation, literature, and recital preparation; 12 hours of supportive courses in music distributed between two cognate areas; and 6 hours of elective courses. The course of study will be determined by the student in consultation with the graduate advisory committee and will be subject to the approval of the Graduate Coordinator and the Dean of the Graduate School.

Major Area Courses

Total: 15 hours

Additional Information and Notes

* See course descriptions for specific applied instruction course numbers.

Ensemble participation requirements may be fulfilled by participation in established Music Department ensembles or chamber music activities approved by the graduate advisory committee. Credit for either of these options is established through registration in Music 5000r.

The recital requirement consists of a full length solo recital on the UTC campus. The recital program must be submitted to the Graduate Committee in Music for approval at least one semester prior to that in which the recital will be given. The student will register for Music 5995r for the semester in which the recital is scheduled and will be subject to a prehearing by the Division Jury at least three weeks prior to the scheduled performance date.

Total: 6 hours

Total: 6 hours

Approved Electives: 6 hours

Conducting Option

In this option, conducting is the primary performing medium. The student must audition for Division Jury before admission, study conducting as the applied music area, and conduct a full-length recital.

Specific requirements of the conducting option:

1. Advanced Conducting

2. Applied Conducting

  • Instead of private study on an instrument or voice, the student takes private conducting lessons covering repertoire preparation and selection, conducting technique, score and clef reading, score preparation, performance traditions and practice, etc.

3. Instrumental or Vocal Literature

4. Major Ensemble Conducting Assistant

  • In the second year of study, graduate conducting students are assigned as a conducting assistant for an appropriate large ensemble and enroll in that ensemble for credit.


A typical program will include the following courses of study:

Total: 15 hours

Additional Information and Notes

*The conducting recital will consist of a full-length band, choral or orchestra program, to be supervised by the major conducting professor and approved by the Division Jury.

Cognate: Music History and Literature

Cognate: Music Theory, Composition and Analysis

Total: 6 hours

Approved Electives

Total: 6 hours