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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Integrated Studies, B.I.S.

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UC Foundation Professor Gretchen E. Potts, Program Director


Bachelor of Integrated Studies is a unique degree that enables students to design a course plan to fit their educational and career goals by integrating courses from two or three academic disciplines. Prior learning can be assessed and applied to the degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing the BIS degree will be able to:

1. Communicate – express a position with consideration for intent and audience.

2. Think reflectively – reflect on integrated learning and experiences.

3. Integrate learning – connect learning across two or three disciplines.

Interested Students - How to Get Started

All interested students (current and future) should visit the Integrated Studies website and watch the information video by clicking on the “Click to Get Started Today!” link. After watching the video, students should complete the Integrated Studies Intent Form, also located on the website. The Intent Form will help students focus their educational goals and let the program know their interests. Once a student has completed the Intent Form, they will be sent an email by the program to schedule an appointment.  

Graduation Requirements

Students earning a Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree will complete 120 total credit hours and the same general education requirements as other undergraduate students (41 credit hours). Graduates must earn a 2.0 GPA overall and in the integrated major. The courses selected for the major must be approved by the Integrated Studies program with an application process. The specific graduation requirements are:

Total Credit Hours                                                         120
General Education credit hours                                       41
Total credit hours in two or three integrated course plans 48
Integrated Studies Senior Portfolio (INTS 4900)              3
Electives to complete 120 hours                                     variable

Total hours must include:
      Upper division credit hours 39
      Upper division hours within integrated major 21 (including INTS 4900)

Minor Options

Students may choose to add a minor to their Integrated Studies degree, but it is not required.  Minors must follow university guidelines, as stated in the catalog.  Therefore, a student may not choose a minor in a discipline that is being integrated into their degree.  Also, only six (6) credit hours from the major can count towards the minor.

Prior Learning Assessment by Portfolio

Prior Learning Assessment by Portfolio Credit is a method to earn credit in which a student must provide evidence of acquired college-level learning (i.e. certificates, training program, etc.).  To document this evidence, a student who qualifies for this program is encouraged to enroll in INTS 3010 , Prior Learning Portfolio Development. To learn more about the procedure for earning credit for prior learning, visit the Integrated Studies website.

General Education

(see General Education  for a list of approved courses)

Rhetoric and Writing: (6 hours)

  • Two approved courses in rhetoric and writing

Fine Arts and Humanities: (12 hours)

  • Complete one approved course in each subcategory

Historical Understanding (3 hours)

Literature (3 hours)

Thought, Values and Beliefs (3 hours)

Visual and Performing Arts (3 hours)

Natural Sciences: (7-8 hours)

  • Two approved natural science courses, at least one including a laboratory component

Behavioral and Social Sciences: (6 hours)

  • Two approved behavioral and social sciences courses in two different disciplines

Mathematics: (3 hours)

  • One approved mathematics course

Statistics: (3 hours)

  • One approved statistics course

Non-Western Culture: (3 hours)

  • One approved non-western culture course

Program Requirements

An application for admission to the degree program must be approved by the Integrated Studies Program prior to the student earning 42 hours or within the first semester for students entering with 42 or more earned hours. The program contains 51 hours in the approved program of study, including:

  • 48 hours of integrated program of coursework in two or three established disciplines at UTC, tailored to specific goals of the student;
  • 21 upper division hours (including INTS 4900 ); and

Additional Information and Notes

2.0 average in all courses within the approved program of study.

Minimum of 39 hours of 3000 and 4000 level courses.

Electives to complete 120 hours.

See Degree and Graduation Requirements  for additional requirements.

ClearPath for Advising

The ClearPath for Advising provides students with an opportunity to see program requirements defined in a semester-by-semester format. The ClearPath for Advising guides also provide students with important tips, pointers, and suggestions for staying on track with progress toward the degree.  Your ClearPath is available through the Advisement website.

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