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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Cooperative Program, Co-op

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Cooperative Program (Co-op)

Professor Gary McDonald, Advisor-Engineering

In addition to the basic four-year engineering and computer science programs a five-year optional cooperative program is available. In this program students alternate between a term in school and a term in industry or divide their time between school and industry concurrently. Typical students receive their baccalaureate degrees after five years and obtain approximately 20 months of industrial work experience.

Program Objectives:

The Co-op program is designed to: (1) provide practical experience which relates academic studies to industry requirements, (2) give the student a better understanding of human relations in industry, and (3) assist the student financially.

The financial benefits to the student are usually adequate to cover most of the student’s college expenses while obtaining the engineering or computer science degree.

Overall Program Structure and Requirements:

The Co-op program is open to any UTC engineering or computer science student who has at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average, whose class work and school activities indicate that he or she is dependable and capable, and who is acceptable to a cooperative company. In general, a student is admitted to this program at the end of the freshman year. The specific requirements of the program are described below.

Scholastic requirements: A student must have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (out of 4.0) to enroll in the program. Further, the student must maintain a 2.25 cumulative grade point average to remain in the program. If the student fails to attain at least a 2.0 average in any semester while participating in the program, the student will be required to meet for advising to determine further enrollment in the program.

Registration: Co-op students are required to register each term (including each term in industry) as a co-op student. A $25 fee is assessed the student for registration during the work term.

Cooperative Seminar: All alternating engineering and computer science co-op students are expected to register and participate in ENGR 3900r  (Cooperative Seminar) during the term in school immediately following a work assignment. This seminar is designed to discuss and report on projects conducted as a part of the cooperative work assignment and to discuss topics relevant to the engineering profession.

Reports: Student participants are required to file a 1-3 page work report with the UTC Co-Op Office concerning the student’s work at the end of each work term.

Work Schedule: Co-op students are expected to attend school full-time during their first year and last year in the program. They will alternate each term (between school and work) or simultaneously attend school and work in industry during the three years between their first and last year in the program. (A term is considered to be either first semester, second semester, or a full summer term.)

Co-op Graduate: A co-op student is certified as a co-op graduate upon graduation if he or she has completed at least 3 alternating co-op work terms or 6 concurrent work terms and meets the degree requirement

Additional Degree Requirements for Co-op Graduates: A cooperative program student graduate completes all requirements of their degree (engineering or computer science) plus 10 additional hours in ENGR 3900r , Cooperative Seminar.

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