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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Certified General Education Courses

Categories of Study

The general education categories are described below, along with lists of courses that currently meet the criteria for these categories. Students should check the specific requirements for their majors before choosing courses since specific courses in each category may be required for a particular major.

UTC courses that have not been certified for the General Education curriculum may not be used to satisfy any General Education requirement. Consequently, student petitions seeking credit for non-certified UTC courses will not be accepted by the Records Office or the General Education Committee.

Rhetoric and Writing Category (6 credit hours)

This requirement typically consists of two sequential 3-hour courses to be taken consecutively, and completed with minimum grades of C. Students are expected to complete this requirement within the first 30 attempted credit hours.

The Fine Arts and Humanities Category (12 credit hours)

There are four (4) subcategories in this overarching category: Historical Understanding; Literature; Thought, values and Beliefs; and Visual and Performing Arts. A student must complete at least one course in each subcategory.

Thought, Values and Beliefs Subcategory courses:

The Natural Sciences Category (7 - 8 credit hours)

At least one course will include a laboratory component that contributes to 1/4 of the final grade. Students are encouraged to check the specific requirements for their major for this category.

Natural Sciences Laboratory courses:

Behavioral and Social Sciences Category (6 credit hours)

These two courses should be from different disciplines unless requirements for the major stipulate otherwise. Brock Scholars may complete UHON 3150 and UHON 3170 to satisfy this requirement unless specific courses are required in the major.

Mathematics Category (3 credit hours)

Students are expected to complete this requirement within the first 30 attempted credit hours.

Statistics Category (3 credit hours)

Some students may not be eligible to enroll in general education courses in this category until they fulfill prescribed course requirements. Check prerequisite and co-requisite requirements for courses certified in this category for specific information. 

Non-Western Culture Category (3 credit hours)

Students are required to complete one course certified in this category