CPEN 3850 - Interdisciplinary Design Project I

(3) Credit Hours

First semester of the capstone interdisciplinary group design project in which students use their discipline-based knowledge in an interdisciplinary environment. Projects are expected to complete through preliminary design. The team design experience includes design methodology, concept generation, decision making, technical project management, quality and reliability engineering, concurrent engineering, teamwork, written and oral communication, and introduction to engineering ethics and professional responsibility. The projects incorporate technical activities applicable to the engineering disciplines of the College. Faculty from the disciplines support the course and students as technical advisors and aid in project selection. Fall and spring semesters. Lecture 2 hours, project 2 hours. Prerequisites: ENCE 3520  or ENEE 3720  with a minimum grade of C or department head approval. Registrant must be within three semesters of graduation. May be registered as ENCE 3850 ENEE 3850  or ENME 3850 . Credit allowed in only one of the four courses. Differential Course Fee will be assessed. 

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