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2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Student Financial Obligations


Students who are Tennessee residents pay maintenance fees to enroll in courses at UTC. Out-of-state students pay these fees in addition to a tuition charge. A student’s residential status is determined during the application and admission process, and this status, in most cases, is determined by residence of the student’s parent, parents, or legal guardian. Additional information regarding residency classification for the University of Tennessee system is available online at http://registrar.tennessee.edu/residency/resguide.shtml. For residency appeals, students should refer to Enrolling at UTC .

This section describes all financial charges, including student fees. The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees establishes all student fees and may change these without notice.

Mocs Express Statement

The Mocs Express statement combine fees, charges, fines and credits into one invoice. The University sends MOCS Express statements to students who register during the Priority Registration period. Students may access their MOCS EXPRESS STATEMENT on line at www.utc.edu, click on “Student Information” then “MY MOCS EXPRESS STATEMENT.”

Cancellation for Non-Payment

Failure to pay fees or set confirmation of attendance with the Bursar’s Office by the published deadline results in automatic cancellation from all classes. This policy applies to all students, regardless of sources of funds, and includes those whose fees are billed, deferred, waived, or paid with personal funds, including financial aid and graduate assistantships that do not cover full charges by the cancellation deadline date. All students withdrawn from classes for non-payment or non-confirmation must re-register for classes and pay all appropriate fees, including late fees.

There is only one cancellation date each semester. Students who register after the cancellation date must pay all fees and risk receiving failing grades for all classes not dropped prior to the first day of classes in the semester. The deadlines for the academic year can be found at the following link under fee information on the Bursar’s web site: http://www.utc.edu/Administration/Bursar/

Prepayment Plan

Under the prepayment plan, students and/or parents may choose the academic year expenses they wish to prepay, including room, board, tuition, fees, and books, over a period of eight months, with the first installment due by May 10. The remaining seven monthly installments are payable on the tenth day of each succeeding month. Contact the Bursar’s Office for details. Phone: (423) 425-4781.

Deferred Payment Plan

A student who is in good financial standing with the University may defer up to 50 percent of their fee balance. A $20.00 extension fee and at least 50 percent of fees are due by the deadline date. The balance will be payable on the 45th calendar day of the term. Students must pay an additional $50.00 if the installment is not paid on or before the due date. Financial aid recipients must first apply their aid toward payment of fees, regardless of source of funds. This plan is not offered for the summer terms.

Refund Policy

General Refund Information

All refund periods are based on the official first day of classes for the University, as published in the Catalog and on the UTC website. Students must officially withdraw from courses to be eligible for potential refunds. No refund is due unless the charge for the remaining courses, plus the percentage charge for the courses dropped, is less than the maximum semester charge for tuition and maintenance fees.

All charges and refunds will be made to the nearest even dollar. All charges are subject to subsequent audit and verification. Errors will be corrected by appropriate additional charges or refunds.

Students who owe additional fees or fines will receive a statement of their accounts after the beginning of the semester except summer.

Go to the following link for detailed information on Refund and Charges for drop and withdrawal: http://www.utc.edu/Administration/Bursar/Refunds_Charges.php

Students receiving Federal Title IV Financial Aid should read the Refund Process section in Student Financial Aid .


Tuition and Maintenance Fees


Go to the following link for detailed information on Tuition and Maintenance Fees. http://www.utc.edu/Administration/Bursar/fees.php

Late Fees

All students who register after the first official day of classes must pay a ($50.00) late fee. All students with an accounts receivable balance 45 days into a term must pay a $50.00 late fee.

Fees for Audit Courses

Fees for auditing courses are the same as those for courses taken for credit. Auditors do not take examinations, receive credit or grades, and may or may not participate in the class activities as determined by the instructor.

Senior Citizens

Tennessee residents who become 65 years of age or older during the academic semester when they begin classes and who meet admission requirements may enroll for credit for a fee of $7.00 per semester hour to a maximum of $70.00 per semester.

Tennessee residents who become 60 years of age or older during the academic semester when they begin classes may audit classes on a “space available” basis at the University without paying a fee.

For fee information, call the Bursar’s Office at (423) 425-4781.

Disabled Residents

Tennessee residents who are physician-certified with 100 percent total disability and meet admission requirements may enroll for credit for a fee of $7.00 per semester hour to a maximum of $70.00 per semester.

Tennessee residents who are physician-certified with 100 percent total disability may audit classes on a “space available” basis at the University without paying a fee.

For fee information call the Bursar’s office at (423) 425-4781.

Listener’s Fee

Tennessee residents considering entering or returning to the University may “listen” in academic courses for a fee of $10.00 per course without additional obligations. Participation in this program is limited to two courses per semester for a maximum of two semesters. Only individuals who have not received a baccalaureate degree and who have not had any college courses in the previous five years may participate. For more information call the Bursar’s Office at (423) 425-4781.

Laboratory/Studio Fee

All students registered in certain laboratory or studio courses will be assessed a fee.

Music Fee

In addition to the credit hour rate, a music fee is assessed for instructional courses. The fee is due at the regular fee payment dates.


Fee charges for lab/studio, music and credit by special examination are all grouped under miscellaneous fees at the following link: http://www.utc.edu/Administration/Bursar/fees.php#DORM-PARKING

Returned Check Charge

Any checks received by the University which fail to clear the bank will incur a service charge of $30.00. In addition to the service charge, a check written to cover tuition, dorm, and fees which fails to clear the bank will incur the appropriate late fee in effect at the time the student redeems the check. Check writing privileges will be revoked for those students writing three or more returned checks to the University.


Room rents vary per semester according to the accommodations available. Visit the following link for additional information about housing: http://www.utc.edu/housing

Dining Plans

All campus residents are required to participate during the fall and spring semesters in a dining membership plan regardless of whether or not they are currently enrolled in class. For complete information regarding available plans, contact Food Services at 425-4200 or visit Dining Services online at www.campusdish.com/en-us/CSS/UnivTennChat.

Orientation Fee

All freshmen must attend one orientation session. Parents may also attend an optional orientation. Visit the following link for complete information on orientation: http://www.utc.edu/Administration/Orientation/


Information about parking, including campus maps, parking regulations, the Mocs Express Shuttle schedule, and more, is available online at: http://www.utc.edu/Administration/ParkingServices

If You Owe the University Money

Holds are financial obligations to the University (library fines, old UC/UTC, loans, parking fines, returned checks, accounts receivable, etc.) that the student must pay prior to registering for courses. Students may not register if there is a monetary hold on the account. In addition, students who incur financial obligations after registration must pay the charges by the cancellation deadline.

Unless the student officially drops a course or withdraws from the University, he or she must pay a percentage of the fees and tuition as listed on the MocsNet statement prior to the first official day of classes. Failure to attend classes is not evidence of the student’s intention to drop the course or withdraw from the University.

According to Tennessee law, the University cannot release student transcripts if the student has a financial obligation to the University.