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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Endowed Funds


Through the years, many people have made generous gifts to establish endowed funds for various purposes. The University recognizes and thanks them by publishing their names here.


See Student Aid .


Walter M. Cline Jr. Chair of Excellence in Rehabilitation Technology: In cooperation with UTC’s College of Health, Education and Professional Studies and the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the Cline Chair of Excellence is designed to make major contributions to the field of rehabilitation technology and to the education of students interested in pursuing careers related to this discipline. The charge to the holder of the chair, established in 1986-87 with a gift from Mr. Cline’s widow, JoAnn, and matching funds from the UC Foundation, is development of programs, curricula, and research in rehabilitation engineering, physical therapy and rehabilitation nursing.

J. Burton Frierson Chair of Excellence in Business Leadership: Designed to give business majors at UTC exposure to exceptional educational opportunities in business leadership, this chair of excellence was funded by the Dixie Yarns Company and matched by state funds in the 1986-87 academic year in honor of J. Burton Frierson. The holder of the chair, a person of national stature in business, government, or technology, helps the University advance its stated goals of becoming a regional leader in business education.

Clarence E. Harris Chair of Excellence in Business Administration and Distinguished Lecture Series in Entrepreneurship: The first chair of excellence to be funded by an alumnus, this chair provides the students and faculty of the school, as well as the broader community, a better understanding of the world of business. Distinguished lecturers will be brought to the campus each year in order to engage students, faculty and others in discussions related to trends in innovation, entrepreneurship, corporate strategies, and the global economy. Harris, class of 1964, was the president and chairman of the board of Carriage Industries, Inc., Calhoun, Georgia, when the chair was established in 1987.

Chair of Excellence in Judaic Studies: Offering a focus for special examination of the impact of Judaic influence on Western civilization and history, this chair was established in 1986 by a special Committee for the Judaic Chair of Excellence and from private community support. Enriching the curriculum of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, the chair is also a major asset to the cultural life of the community and the holder of the chair serves as a key resource for the integration of Judaic studies in appropriate contexts throughout the University and in the community at large.

Lyndhurst Foundation Chair of Excellence in Arts Education: Funded in 1988 as a complement to the Southeast Center for Arts Education established on the UTC campus with grants from the Getty Foundation, the Gherkin Foundation, and Lyndhurst, this chair is designed to bring to the University and the southeast region of Tennessee a nationally recognized expert in discipline-based arts education (DBAE). The chair holder will teach art education courses to undergraduate and graduate students, conduct research, serve as an advocate for improved arts education, and oversee the center’s programs, including three constituent institutes for teachers in the visual arts, theatre, and music.

O.D. McKee Chair of Excellence in Learning: Established in 1998 in honor of the late O.D. McKee, founder of McKee Foods Corporation, makers of Little Debbie snack cakes. A professorship to provide leadership and direction in the research, teaching, and outreach programs for the study of dyslexia and exceptional instruction. Funded by a $500,000 endowment from Mr. McKee and an equal matching grant from the State of Tennessee.

Burkett Miller Chair of Excellence in Management and Technology: A cross-disciplinary chair of excellence that bridges the resources between the College of Business and the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Funded in 1977 by the Tonya Memorial Foundation of Chattanooga, the holder of this chair assists the University and the Chattanooga community in understanding the importance of technology; identifying and nurturing the development of technology; and assisting with the transfer of that technology to the marketplace in ways which foster economic development.

Scott L. Probasco Jr. Chair of Free Enterprise: Established in 1976 by Burkett Miller, a leading Chattanooga attorney and philanthropist, in honor of a longtime friend, well-respected Chattanooga citizen, and trustee of the University of Tennessee and the UC Foundation, for a distinguished professorship relating to the free enterprise system.

Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company Chair of Excellence in Applied Mathematics: This chair of excellence, funded in 1986 by joint gifts from Provident and the University of Chattanooga Foundation, brings to the University and the community a heightened sense of the significance, utility, and relevance of mathematics and its applications. The holder of this chair functions not only as a scholar, teacher, and researcher, but also as a valuable resource and vigorous advocate for mathematics in the schools and community.

Siskin Children’s Institute Chair of Excellence in Special Education: Established in 2005 with joint funding by the Siskin Children’s Institute and the UTC Lupton Renaissance Fund, this chair is designed to attract a recognized expert with experience in early childhood programming and special education to the community. The expert will serve as a faculty member in the UTC College of Education and Applied Professional Studies. The holder of the chair will teach graduate and undergraduate courses at the university, conduct research at Siskin Children’s Institute, consult with other educators in the community, and help the Institute stay on the cutting edge of educational programming for children with disabilities. The chair also oversees the Circle of Scholars, a scholarship program that will allow students in special education and school psychology to complete their degree while continuing employment.

SunTrust Bank Chair of Excellence in the Humanities: Established by its predecessor, American National Bank and Trust Company, this chair, administered through the College of Arts and Sciences, has as its purpose presenting the best that has been and is now being thought in the humanities. This revolving appointment brings to the community visiting professors of national and international stature. The Humanities Chair, established by American National Bank and Trust Company in 1986, helps meet UTC’s commitment as a cultural center for the region.

George R. West Jr. Chair of Excellence in Communication and Public Affairs: Funded by the Westend Foundation in 1986 in honor of its founder, George R. West, Jr., this chair of excellence is designed to assist UTC in educating students for responsible and effective communications in the realm of public affairs. Students pursuing careers in business, education, communications, political science, and other disciplines benefit from this chair which emphasizes critical analysis and presenting, particularly by the written word, the issues of public affairs in a truthful, effective and responsible fashion.



Alumni Distinguished Service Professorships: Awarded to outstanding faculty members of each of the four campuses of The University of Tennessee by the University of Tennessee National Alumni Association.

The Rev. Herman H. Battle Professorship: Created in 1999 in honor of the late Rev. Herman H. Battle, one of Chattanooga’s most admired Black citizens who did much to improve community race relations. The professorship is in African-American studies.

C.C. Bond Minority Professorship in Education: Established in 1987 by friends and colleagues of Dr. Claude C. Bond, distinguished educator in the Chattanooga public schools. The professorship is intended to attract an outstanding minority leader to the College of Health, Education and Professional Studies at UTC.

J.C. Bradford Portfolio Management Professorship: Established in 1996 by the J.C. Bradford & Company Foundation to provide students with guidance in security analysis and portfolio management. The fund provides resources for faculty and student development for the professor who directs the Portfolio Management Seminar in the Department of Accounting and Finance in the College of Business.

Chattanooga Manufacturer’s Association Professorship in Engineering: Established in 1980 to provide support for the College of Engineering and Computer Science and enable the University to reward a member of the engineering faculty for excellence in teaching, public service, and research.

Kay Kittrell Chitty Professorship in Nursing: Established in 1996 by Memorial Hospital in honor of Dr. Chitty, former director of UTC’s School of Nursing and former chair of Memorial’s board of directors, the appointee holds a joint appointment with the University and the hospital in the area of family nurse practitioner.

George M. Clark Professorship in Management Policy: Established in 1983 by the Clark Foundation in memory of George M. Clark, longtime Chattanoogan and chairman of Pioneer Bank until his death in 1979.

George C. Connor Professorship in American Literature: Named for Guerry Professor of English Emeritus George C. Connor, this professorship was established in 1985 by colleagues, former students, and friends in honor of his 26 years of service.

Robert M. Davenport Professorship in Biology: Established in 1997 by the children of Robert M. Davenport: Eleanor Howell Davenport, Adelaide Davenport Bratcher, Robert M. Davenport, Jr., and S. Elliot Davenport, and other friends and colleagues, as a tribute to Davenport, an executive with the Krystal Co. and founder of the Central Park restaurant chain. Davenport, who died in 1994, was committed to both education and the environment through his understanding of the earth’s fragile environment and devotion to property at Lula Lake on Lookout Mountain. The appointee is a faculty member of the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences.

Joseph F. Decosimo Centennial Professorship in Accounting: Established in 1977 by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Decosimo, civic and business leaders, to support the program in accounting and upgraded during the Centennial campaign of 1986.

W. Max Finley Centennial Professorship in Business Administration: Established by friends and family of alumnus W. Max Finley, class of 1931, this fund promotes faculty research which involves students.

First Tennessee Bank Distinguished Professorships in Business: Established in 1996 as part of a 21st Century Campaign gift to the University of Tennessee by First Tennessee National Corporation of which First Tennessee Bank is a subsidiary, this professorship for the Chattanooga campus is awarded to a member of the faculty with expertise in the various areas of banking and finance.

Benjamin H. Gross Professorship in Chemistry: Awarded to a member of the faculty of the Department of Chemistry who has shown outstanding accomplishments in teaching, research, and civic involvement. Established in 1998, the endowment honors Dr. Benjamin Gross, who served as head of the UTC Chemistry Department from 1964 through 1990. Dr. Gross, a nationally known chemist, was an outstanding professor of general and organic chemistry.

Mary Harris Distinguished Professorship in Entrepreneurship: Established in 2002 by the Clarence E. Harris Foundation in the College of Business, in memory of Mr. Harris’s sister, to foster excellence in entrepreneurship studies. The holder must be actively engaged in research, writing, and lecturing in the area of entrepreneurship, small business marketing and related areas, and have the minimum rank of associate professor at UTC.

Nita T. and Irvine W. Grote Professorships in Chemistry: Established in 1986 to honor outstanding teaching through a generous gift from the estate of Dr. and Mrs. Grote. An inventor of note, Grote taught at UC for 38 years.

Alexander and Charlotte Patten Guerry Professorships: Established by anonymous gifts in 1959 and 1961 in memory of the University’s esteemed seventh president and in honor of his dedicated wife, to recognize a select group of outstanding professors.

Henry Hart Professorship in Business Administration: Established in 1978 by R. Henry Hart, a civic and business leader, to provide faculty support for the University’s College of Business.

Marilyn Helms Professorship in Business Administration: Awarded to a member of the faculty of the College of Business who has shown outstanding accomplishments in teaching, research and public service. Established in 1998, the endowment honors Dr. Marilyn Helms, who served as a professor of management from 1987 through 2000. Dr. Helms coordinated a wide range of programs in the areas of entrepreneurship, international business, family businesses and women in business.

Brice L. Holland Centennial Professorship in Taxation: Established in 1989 by Brice L. Holland, distinguished alumnus, benefactor and community leader, desiring to enhance the teaching and level of expertise offered in the field of taxation in the College of Business.

Ruth Kiser Hyder Endowed Professorship of Educational Leadership: Established in 1985 by Dr. Charles Hyder, Guerry Professor Emeritus of Education, in honor of his wife, a distinguished teacher in the elementary schools of Chattanooga. This professorship recognizes leadership in the preparation of teachers in the public school system grades K-12.

Mary B. Jackson Professorship of Nursing: Established in 1989 to support and maintain a high caliber nursing faculty by friends and colleagues of Mrs. Jackson, who came to UTC in 1973 and was charged with organizing the nursing program.

H. Clay Evans Johnson Professor of Nursing: Established in 1989 to emphasize the training of talent and upholding the ethical standards of nursing by Johnson, former chair of the Board of the UC Foundation. He served as president of the Hamilton County Memorial Hospital Association.

Summerfield Key Johnston Centennial Scholars Endowment for Junior Faculty Development: Established in 1987 as a Centennial gift by local Coca-Cola executive Summerfield Johnston Jr., this endowment provides support for new faculty members in the College of Business who have demonstrated potential for making substantial contributions to teaching and research.

Kennedy Distinguished Teaching Professorship in English Literature: Established in 1995 by The Kennedy Foundation for an outstanding professor who teaches English literature and is involved in scholarly research and public service.

Alan S. Lorberbaum Professorship in Marketing: Established in 1978 by Alan S. Lorberbaum, a business leader and carpet executive in Dalton, Georgia, to provide faculty support for the marketing program in the College of Business.

Robert L. Maclellan Centennial Professorship in Insurance: Robert L. Maclellan, Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company insurance executive and UC Foundation trustee, was a major benefactor of the University. This professorship was established in 1986 by his widow to provide expertise and support for the Chattanooga insurance industry by teaching the principles and practices of insurance.

LeRoy A. Martin Distinguished Professorship of Religious Studies: Supported by the UC Foundation in memory of the last ordained Methodist minister to serve as president of UC, 1959-66, and John H. Race Professor of Classics until his death in 1971. This professorship was established to ensure ties with the University’s Methodist heritage.

Luther Masingill Professorship in Communication: Established in 1990 by friends and associates of the local celebrity in honor of his 50 years in broadcasting. The professorship is designed to emphasize the training of talent and to uphold the high standards of communication set by Masingill.

Frank McDonald Professorship in Communication or Management: Established in 1998 with ongoing gifts in honor of long-time Chattanooga Free Press President Frank McDonald by friends. The professorship goes either to a faculty member in the University communication or management departments.

George Lester Nation Centennial Professorship of Entrepreneurship: Established in 1986 by his son Ray Nation, this professorship honors the late founder of Nation Hosiery Mills. Both in the classroom and the community, the holder of the professorship is charged with emphasizing entrepreneurship and economic development.

Patricia Draper Obear Distinguished Teaching Professorship: Established with memorial gifts given by friends and family in honor of the wife of the 13th chief executive officer of UTC, Chancellor Frederick W. Obear. Mrs. Obear, who died in 1993, was a community volunteer who had a particular interest in social service and early childhood education, the areas given preference in the awarding of this professorship.

Adolph S. Ochs Centennial Chair of Government: Established in 1925 by Ochs, owner and publisher of The Chattanooga Times and The New York Times, friend of the University, father and grandfather of trustees. It was upgraded to a Centennial title in 1986 by members of the family.

Katharine Pryor Professorship of English: Established in 1991 by Rodney L. Grandy and other friends and former students in honor of Katharine Pryor, a long-time teacher of English and assistant principal at Chattanooga High School, and a 1936 graduate of the University of Chattanooga.

Dalton Roberts Professorship in Public Administration: Established by friends and colleagues in 1995 to honor former Hamilton County Executive Dalton Roberts for his contributions to public service, this award goes to faculty members whose major field of study and teaching is public administration. Roberts held the position of county executive from the time it was established in 1978 until his retirement in 1994.

Mildred Routt Outstanding Teaching Professorship: Established in 1993 through a bequest from the educator for whom it is named to recognize professors who represent the qualities and high standards of good teaching both at the University and in the community. Recommendations for the award are made by the Provost and approved by the Chancellor.

Salem Carpets Professorship in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Established in 1989 by Salem Carpets Inc., for a faculty member in psychology with half the endowment earnings to provide a stipend and half to support research in the field.

John Stagmaier Chair of Economics and Business Administration: Established in 1956 by the Tennessee Paper Mills in memory of its founder, respected and admired citizen of Chattanooga and University trustee from 1932 until his death in 1944.

UC Foundation Professorships: Established in 1976 to recognize outstanding younger faculty and to provide an incentive for their continuing to teach at UTC.

Sharon Vanderbilt Professorship in Physical Therapy: Established in 1995 by Douglas L. Vanderbilt, M.D. in honor of his wife Sharon Vanderbilt, a pediatric physical therapist who was an advocate for the development of the UTC Physical Therapy Program, for an outstanding professor who teaches physical therapy and is involved in scholarly research and public service.

Frank Varallo Professorship in Business Administration: Established in 2003 by Chattanooga Businessman Frank Varallo, longtime supporter of the University, to foster teaching and research in business administration.

Arthur G. Vieth Professorship in Business Finance: Established in 1983 by former students and friends in memory of the former holder of the John Stagmaier Chair of Economics and Business Administration, a greatly admired teacher and public-minded citizen.

Marvin Edward White Professorship in Business Administration: Established in 1978 by Selox, Inc. to provide faculty support for the University’s program in business administration and to honor the company’s founder.

Robert Lake Wilson Professorship: Established in 1987 by a former student in honor of geology professor Dr. Robert Lake Wilson for demonstrating a personal interest in the welfare of his students. It is intended to recognize and reward faculty who go out of their way to provide encouragement and support.

Student Loan Funds


William E. and Mary F. Ansbach Memorial Student Loan Fund: Established in 1968 by Raymond J. Ansbach, Chattanooga merchant, in memory of his parents.

Dr. H. Eugene Hames Student Loan Fund: Established in 1969 with a gift from the Hartsell, Ala., physician who studied his pre-medicine at UC from 1954-1956 and received his M.D. from UT in 1960.

Lewis B. Headrick Memorial Student Loan Fund: Established in 1966 by family, friends, and colleagues of Headrick, class of 1926, research physicist with the Radio Corporation of America for 34 years.

Ethel Chapin Morgan Student Loan Fund: Established by a bequest from the UC alumna, B.S. degree in 1925, at the time of her death in 1973 for students in chemistry or history.

Frank L. Underwood Memorial Student Loan Fund: Established in 1967 with a bequest from Mrs. Underwood in memory of her husband, vice-president of Chattanooga’s Hamilton National Bank and UC trustee until his death in 1942.

Additional Funds

Jane and Lawrence Akers Physics Endowment: Established in 2000 by Dr. Lawrence Akers and his wife Jane to provide program funds and scholarships for physics majors. Dr. Akers has taught in the Department of Physics, Geology and Astronomy since 1986 after a long and distinguished career at Oak Ridge Associated Universities, serving in Vienna, Austria, and Washington, D.C. He earned his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University.

Alpha/Ann Tinnon Memorial Award: Established in 1997 as a permanent endowment by the Alpha Society, UTC’s highest scholastic honor society, in honor of its former president, the late Ann Tinnon, who was the Director of Financial Aid. The award is based on a vote of the membership to a graduating senior based on the strength of his or her undergraduate degree program and prospective graduate program.

Harold Cadek Music Fund: Established in 1979 to provide financial assistance to enable Chattanooga young people to take private music lessons at the Cadek Conservatory of Music.

Dr. North Callahan Honors Essay Prize: Established in 1984 by Professor Emeritus of History, New York University, author, and UTC Distinguished Alumnus. Prize awarded to a UTC student for the best honors essay, as determined by an honors committee, based on UTC library research.

Challenger Learning and Teaching Center Endowment Fund: Established in 1993 to provide program support for the Challenger Center, one of a national network of learning centers that encourage young people in math, science and team building through simulated space missions.

Morrow Chamberlain Memorial Library Fund: Established in 1971 by a bequest from Mrs. Chamberlain in memory of her husband, Chattanooga business and civic leader, chairman of the UC Board of Trustees from 1932 to 1958, member from 1919 until his death in 1959.

Bess Taylor Cofer Endowed Professional Health Care Student Advocacy Fund: Established in 1985 by Dr. Robert H. and Mary A. Cofer, this fund is used to promote the highest level of guidance and preparation to students pursuing careers in nursing, dentistry, medicine, cytotechnology, dental hygiene, medical technology, pharmacy, physical therapy, or veterinary medicine.

George Connor Society: Established in 2003 to honor the late Guerry Professor of English and department head who joined the faculty in 1959 and served the University for 26 years. The fund is for an annual colloquium featuring prominent authors. Mr. Connor grew up in Red Bank and received his A.B. degree from the University of Chattanooga in 1947.

George Ayers Cress Gallery of Art Endowment Fund: Established in 1992 by friends, former students, and colleagues in honor of George Cress, artist-in-residence and Guerry Professor who taught at UTC for 50 years, on the occasion of the naming of the University gallery in the Fine Arts Center for Cress. The funds are to help defray the cost of operating and staffing the gallery and in support of its exhibitions.

Paul W. Curtis Jr. Awards: Endowed in 1948 for outstanding students in engineering by Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Curtis in memory of their son, class of 1933, who died in World War II.

Excellence in Engineering Fund: Established in 1979 to support the UTC College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Stanton J. Fjeld Fund: Established in memory of Dr. Stanton J. Fjeld, a faculty member in the University’s Departments of Psychology and Criminal Justice. The fund provides for program enhancement.

Elizabeth E. Fleming Fund: Enabled by a gift from the estate of Mrs. Fleming to be used in the field of fine arts as determined by University of Chattanooga Foundation Trustees. Established in 2001 in memory of the late Dr. Alex and Charlotte Guerry.

Irvine W. Grote Fund for the Department of Chemistry: Established in 1976 by a bequest from the estate of Dr. Irvine W. Grote, Guerry Professor of Chemistry, to be used for the benefit of the Chemistry Department.

Hartung Fund for Nursing Education: Established in 1969 by Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Hartung, UC graduates of 1929 and 1931 respectively, to support the nursing program.

John B. Haskins Jr. Memorial Laboratory: Science laboratory equipped and its upkeep endowed in 1948 by gifts from Dr. John B. Haskins in memory of his son, a UC student who died in 1944 after a long illness.

Marjorie Fox Higdon Chemistry Fund: Endowed fund created by Marjorie Fox Higdon to provide book stipends to chemistry majors as recommended by the head of the Chemistry Department and approved by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Established in 2001.

Hinds Memorial Book Fund: Established in 1921 by Mrs. Kate Hinds Steele and Mrs. Bashie Martin in memory of their father, J.I.D. Hinds, for the purchase of chemistry books.

Martha Chase and Andrew David Holt Library Endowment Fund: Established in 1970 by the Hamilton County chapter of the UTNAA and other friends in honor of the retiring UT president and his wife, for the purchase of library books.

Mary B. Jackson Award Endowment: Established in 1977, with endowment funded in 1984, to honor outstanding senior nursing student selected by peers.

Dr. Joseph A. Jackson Endowment for Library Faculty Development: Established in 1988, by Mary B. and Joseph A. Jackson in the name of Dr. Jackson, Professor and Dean of Libraries, to encourage, promote, and recognize achievement in library faculty of the T. Cartter and Margaret Rawlings Lupton Library.

John W. Jayne Memorial Mathematics Award: Established in 1994 by family and colleagues in memory of Dr. John W. Jayne, member of the Department of Mathematics for 22 years who died in 1993. The award is given each year to an outstanding mathematics student.

H. Clay Evans Johnson Nursing Endowment Fund: Established in 1992 by H. Clay Evans Johnson, past chair of the University of Chattanooga Foundation, also past chair and member of the UT Development Council. A retired insurance executive and community leader, Johnson also established, in 1990, the H. Clay Evans Johnson Professorship in Nursing. The income from the endowment provides funds for student awards for academic achievement, clinical excellence and/or community service. It also helps fund the clinical renewal program for nursing faculty.

Summerfield Johnston Endowment for the Restoration of the American Chestnut: Established in 1997 by Summerfield K. Johnston Jr. in honor of his father and to provide income to the holder of the Robert M. Davenport Professorship of Biology for research, teaching, scholarship, and service which supports the objective of restoring the American chestnut tree to successful survival in its natural state.

Keese Lecture Series: Established in 1962, endowed in 1964 by Will S. Keese, Jr., in memory of his mother, Lucy Beall Keese, who died in 1959, and in honor of his father, the late William S. Keese, longtime directors of the Bonny Oaks School, to bring an outstanding speaker to the campus each year.

Gene H. Kistler Golf Endowment: Established in 1994 through an estate gift by the late Dr. Kistler, a Chattanooga physician and general surgeon and a golf enthusiast who competed avidly for more than 70 years after learning the game when he was 16. The fund is intended to support the men’s intercollegiate golf program.

Lukens/Hatch Awards Endowment: Established in 1994 by Dr. Terrance Carney, UTC Professor of Engineering, and his wife Marian, alumna of the Class of 1977, in honor of their respective parents, Dr. Frances D.W. Lukens, Mrs. Carney’s father, and Harriet Hatch Carney, Dr. Carney’s mother. The Lukens Award is given to the rising junior in the College of Engineering and Computer Science with the highest grade point average. The Hatch Award goes to the adult part-time student in the College of Business with at least 60 hours who has the highest grade point average.

O.D. McKee Center for Dyslexic Studies Endowment: Established in 1994 by Ellsworth McKee, president of McKee Foods Inc., in honor of his father, to provide educational opportunities to dyslexic students enrolled in the College Access Program. ^Top

Ellis K. Meacham Annual Writers Workshop and Creative Writing Professorship: Established in 1985 by Jean Austin Meacham, former UTC professor and dean in honor of her husband, Judge Ellis K. Meacham, a distinguished jurist, author and UC alumnus. The income from the endowment provides a stipend each year for the faculty member responsible for that year’s Meacham Writers Workshop.

T. Cartter and Margaret Rawlings Lupton Library Endowment Fund: Established with an anonymous gift, this fund provides for the continued acquisition of materials to enhance the holdings of the library.

Captain Daphne Marjorie Painter Memorial Art Education Endowment Fund: Endowed in 1984 by Mrs. Marjorie Stanford Painter in memory of her daughter to send teachers from under-served Southeast school districts to the Southeast Institute for Education in the Visual Arts at UTC.

Zeboim C. Patten Fund: Established by the Patten estate for the unrestricted endowment and set aside in 1999 as a separate endowment. Patten was the father of Dorothy Patten.

Cranston B. Pearce Center for Applied Engineering and Technology: Complementing UTC’s Center of Excellence for Computer Applications, the Pearce Center in the College of Engineering and Computer Science was funded by the Tonya Foundation in 1984 in memory of its president. The purpose of the center is to move the University to the forefront of instruction, research, and service in the area of computer and information sciences. The center also plays a role in the economic development of Chattanooga and the Southeastern region.

Physics and Astronomy Endowment Fund: Established in 1986, the fund provides research and program enhancement funds for the Department of Physics, Geology and Astronomy.

Nathaniel and Mildred Pinkard Textbook Stipend: Established in 2007 by Mr. and Mrs. Pinkard to assist a student in the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC).

Seth C. Smith Management Award: Established in 1975 by the Society for the Advancement of Management in memory of its distinguished business leader, awarded annually to an outstanding student majoring in management.

Southeast Center for Education in the Arts Endowment Fund: Established in 1993 to provide program enhancement funds for the center’s efforts in discipline-based arts education.

J. Gilbert Stein Fellowship Endowment Fund: Established in 1997 by J. Gilbert Stein to provide graduate assistantships in support of the Scott L. Probasco Chair of Free Enterprise. A businessman, Stein served as an adjunct scholar with the Probasco Chair for over 16 years. The student receiving this honor will hold the title of “J. Gilbert Stein Fellow.”

SunTrust Bank Chair of Excellence in Humanities Program Support Endowment: Established in 1997 by SunTrust as its 21st Century Campaign gift to the University. Proceeds provide program support to the holder of the SunTrust Bank Chair of Excellence in Humanities.

Carl A. Swafford Jr. Endowment Fund: Endowed in 1984 by Carl A. Swafford, Sr. in honor of his son for the purchase of equipment and supplies for biology and chemistry.

Terrell Louise Tatum Memorial Fund: Established in 1968 by the University in memory of the Guerry Professor of Spanish who served her alma mater for 43 years, for the purchase of books and teaching materials for the modern languages.

Terrell Louise Tatum Spanish Award: Endowed in 1964 by an anonymous donor to honor the Guerry Professor of Spanish, to the outstanding senior Spanish major.

Tennessee Tomorrow Projects Fund: This fund was established with private gifts received for various projects at UTC during the UT System’s Tennessee Tomorrow Campaign, launched in 1977.

Edgar B. Tolson Memorial Book Fund: Established in 1942 from Tolson’s estate, authorized by Wilfred O. Stout, Sr., executor, for the purchase of history and philosophy books.

UTC Children’s Center Scholarship: Established in 1988 by a group of donors including the late Patricia Obear to provide tuition assistance for the UTC Children’s Center to parents who demonstrate financial need.

UTC Staff and Dependents Textbook Gift Fund: Established in 2008 by staff and friends of the University to provide textbook assistance to staff, spouses, and their dependents. The award is made annually and as the fund grows, the awards may be as great as one-half of the book component of the cost of attendance established by the University.

James G. Ware Mathematics Education Award: Established in 1994 by Dr. James G. Ware, faculty member of the Department of Mathematics for 30 years, 22 of which were as head of the department, upon the occasion of his retirement. The award goes to the outstanding student planning to teach mathematics at the high school level.

Dr. Marjorie Watson Mathematics Fund: Established in 2001 by Dr. Marjorie Watson for program support to the Mathematics Department as recommended by the Provost and approved by the Chancellor.

William H. Wheeler Center for Odor Research: The center is a cross-disciplinary laboratory established by a gift from the Wheeler estate. The center supports the study of the objective relationships between various substances and their effect upon olfaction.

Earl W. Winger Broadcast Center: Established in 1987 by the children of Earl W. Winger, a distinguished businessman, civic leader, lifetime trustee of the UC Foundation, and broadcast pioneer, for the renovation and acquisition of broadcast production equipment for WUTC. The children include Robert Allan Winger, Charles E. Winger, Betty V. Hunt, and Virginia A. McAllester.

Witt-Bagley Fund: Established in 1988 by University of Chattanooga alumnus and University of Chattanooga Foundation past chair Raymond Witt and his wife, Florence Bagley Witt, the fund supports the annual Perspectives Series and other programs. The series brings to the campus nationally recognized speakers to address various issues.

For more information about establishing an endowment or supporting an existing one, please contact the UTC Office of Development at (423) 425-4232. ^Top