May 14, 2021  
2010-2011 Graduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Graduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Engineering: Mechanical: Energy, M.S.

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Dr. Prakash Dhamshala, Coordinator
(423) 425-4390 or email at


The requirements for the M.S. degree in Engineering: Mechanical: Energy are listed below. Each student’s program will be developed by the student’s committee as an individualized program and will be constructed in accordance with sound academic practices to provide the kind of study most suitable to the student’s needs. The proposed program must be submitted on a candidacy form to The Graduate School office for approval after completion of nine graduate hours and before completion of 18 graduate hours. It is that program, rather than the example which follows, which will constitute the student’s graduation requirements.

The general guidelines for the M.S. degree in engineering are as follows:

Area I   Mathematics or Engineering Analysis 3-6  
Area II   Approved Electives in Mathematics, Science, or Engineering 6-9  
Area III   Engineering Concentration 12-16  
Area IV   Thesis or Special Project and/or Internship 6  


Total: 3-6 hours

Additional Information and Notes

*With approval of the graduate adviser, students can take an equivalent course in this area.

Area II: Approved Electives

Total: 6-9 hours

Total: 12-16 hours

Area IV: Thesis or Project + Additional Coursework

Thesis option:


Project + Coursework option:

Total: 6 hours (Thesis), 9 hours (Project + Coursework)

Program Total: 30 hours (Thesis), 33 hours (Project + Coursework)

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