Aug 12, 2020  
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Health and Human Performance: Physical Activity and Health

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Dr. Nicholas Boer, Program Coordinator

(423) 425-4173 or e-mail

The Physical Activity and Health (PAH) concentration is offered through the Department of Health and Human Performance. Students have the opportunity to complete the degree requirements for the Master of Science (MS) in Health and Human Performance with this concentration through the completion of 36 credit hours of study. This degree prepares graduates for leadership and management positions in public health/community active living/active transport programs, or entry into doctoral study. The concentration places emphasis on the development of skills in critical thinking, communication, and applied research.

The MS degree core courses consist of the integration of selected public health courses with physical activity-specific courses. Students will select a thesis (HHP 5999: 6 credit hours) option or research (HHP 5998: 3 credit hours) options, which will, in turn, affect the number of elective courses the student will take to complete the 36 credit hour requirement for degree completion.


You must complete the admissions procedures to be accepted into the graduate school*. These requirements can be found under “Admission Requirements”. Submit the required documents-transcripts (once the student has completed his/her bachelor’s degree an additional transcript with degree conferral will need to be submitted), GRE scores, (TOEFL or IELTS scores if English is not your native language), graduate school application and application fee. An applicant for admission to the Public Health/Active Living concentration must also include the following:

* Cover letter - that includes a statement that clearly indicates the candidate understands the nature of physical activity and public health

* 3 letters of recommendation (at least 2 from University faculty)

* Resume/CV

* GRE score (>25th percentile for each section)

* GPA >3.0

* the above criteria qualifies an applicant to be eligible for CONSIDERATION as a candidate, but does not guarantee admission. Other factors, such as faculty advisee load, substantive, and research match will also be considered for admission.

A departmental/program committee will decide if the student is accepted into the degree program. The student must be accepted into both the graduate school and the concentration program. If a student’s academic preparation lacks any prerequisites, he/she may be admitted to the program with the stipulations that he/she must take prerequisite courses either before or concurrent to taking graduate courses. Additional materials may be requested or required. Candidates will be screened using the MS/PAH Health and Human Performance Admission Criteria Screening Instrument.

Note: Although not required for admission to the program, eligibility for internships sites may require a background check, drug test, orientation session, liability insurance (which can be purchased through UTC) and signing site specific documents.

Research Option (select one)

  • HHP 5998r - Research
  • HHP 5999r - Thesis
  • *Note: HHP5781 Practicum course: this is a repeatable course of variable (1-6 cr hr) enrollment; a total of 6 credit hours are required; however, not all of the 6 credit hours have to be completed in the same semester.

Approved Graduate Courses

Graduate level courses that are not on this list may be approved toward the MS degree in Health and Human Performance.  This will be determined on a case by case basis.

Total 36 Credit Hours

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