May 14, 2021  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Computer Science: Information Security and Assurance, B.S.

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Admission to the Computer Science Program

Students entering UTC who intend to major in Computer Science should be enrolled as pre-majors. For admission to the Computer Science program, pre-majors must have completed Mathematics 1720 and Computer Science 1100 with minimum grades of C. Only after meeting the course completion requirements or obtaining a written waiver from the Computer Science and Engineering department head will students be allowed to change their major to any of the Computer Science concentrations.

General Education

(see Certified General Education Courses  for list of approved courses)

Rhetoric and Writing: (6 hours)

  • Two approved courses in rhetoric and writing

Fine Arts and Humanities: (12 hours)

  •  Complete one approved course in each subcategory

Historical Understanding (3 hours)

Literature (3 hours)

Thought, Values and Beliefs (3 hours)

Visual and Performing Arts (3 hours)

Natural Sciences: (8 hours)

  • One 2-semester laboratory science sequence chosen from the list of approved natural science lab courses

Behavioral and Social Sciences: (6 hours)

Non-Western Culture: (3 hours)

  • One approved non-western culture course

6 hours 3000-4000 level courses with one from each category:

Two additional natural sciences courses including one 1-semester laboratory science course (7 hours)

Additional Information and Notes

All majors must attain a minimum grade of C in all computer science core courses as a condition for graduation.

2.0 GPA in all required major and related courses (including specified General Education courses).

Minimum of 39 hours of 3000 and 4000 level courses.

Electives to complete 121 hours.

See Degree and Graduation Requirements  for additional requirements.

*Also satisfies requirements in the major.

#Also satisfies general education requirements.

ClearPath for Advising

The ClearPath for Advising guides provide students with an opportunity to see program requirements defined in a semester-by-semester format. The ClearPath for Advising guides also provide students with important tips, pointers, and suggestions for staying on track with progress toward the degree.  Your ClearPath is available through the Center for Advisement website at


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