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    University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  Nov 22, 2017
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Engineering: Interdisciplinary, B.S.E.

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Associate Professor Joseph Owino, Head

The Engineering Program (ENGR) focuses on providing depth in engineering applications that tend to cross disciplines.

Program Mission:

The mission of UTC’s ENGR program is to provide accessible education in the theory and application of engineering in a supportive, interdisciplinary environment that

  • Prepares students for successful careers in industry, government, and academia
  • Emphasizes project-based design
  • Promotes life-long learning
  • Serves the engineering profession
Program Objectives:

In support of this mission, UTC’s ENGR program produces graduates who, upon entering the work force or advanced studies:

  • Function as successful professionals in a variety of engineering disciplines
  • Function effectively in multidisciplinary environments
  • Adapt to various environments
  • Participate in further knowledge building opportunities
  • Are progressing toward Professional Registration

The Engineering program faculty includes those with degrees in this program area as well as faculty from other programs who teach the engineering fundamental courses.

Degree and Accreditation:

Graduates of this program receive the B.S.E. degree. This program is accredited by the EAC of ABET Inc. under the Engineering Program Criteria.

Mission of the Interdisciplinary Concentration:

The interdisciplinary concentration of the BSE program is an innovative curriculum that provides students the flexibility to integrate the core courses for the BSE degree with electives of their choice to broaden their education for their professional and personal goals. Students in the program will customize their education using electives across the engineering disciplines and other courses in and outside of the College of Engineering and Computer Science with a full-time faculty advisor. The students are required to complete a formal program of study with the advisor to ensure inclusion in the curriculum program multiple engineering disciplines and a complementing elective emphasis. This program allows students to tailor an engineering curriculum with elective courses to expand their education beyond a single engineering area of study

Engineering: Interdisciplinary: The interdisciplinary engineering curriculum includes

  • a set of core engineering courses
  • a set of mathematics and science courses that support the engineering discipline
  • a set of general education courses that meet the University requirements for engineering majors
  • a set of engineering elective courses in a multiple of engineering disciplines that provide a pathway for a student’s present and/or future goals
  • a set of University elective courses that complement the student’s engineering courses and goals
  • a set of interdisciplinary design courses that allow students to collaborate with one another on a variety of projects.

This curriculum is especially beneficial for students who started an engineering program previously at UTC or elsewhere and would like to now complete their degree. It is also useful for those students interested in attending graduate programs in medicine or law. This program also benefits those students who want an engineering degree but who have an interest in applying their engineering in a discipline not represented by the traditional disciplines (for example, theater or music).


Students must complete the following curriculum to obtain the B.S.E. degree.

General Education

(See Certified General Education Courses  for list of approved courses)

Rhetoric and Writing: (6 hours)

  • Two approved courses in rhetoric and writing

Fine Arts and Humanities: (6 hours)

  • Complete one approved course in two different subcategories

Historical Understanding (3 hours)

Literature (3 hours)

Thought, Values and Beliefs (3 hours)

Visual and Performing Arts (3 hours)

Natural Sciences: (7-8 hours)

  •  Two approved natural science courses, at least one including a laboratory component

Behavioral and Social Sciences: (6 hours)

  • Two approved behavioral and social science courses

    (ECON 1010  and ECON 1020  recommended)

Non-Western Culture: (3 hours)

  • One approved non-western culture course

Program and Related Courses

Engineering Requirements:

  • Select 23 to 24 hours of engineering elective courses from a multiple of engineering disciplines. No more than 4 hours can be below the 3000 level, and at least 9 hours must be at the 4000 level.

Elective Requirements:

  • Select 12 hours of university elective courses that complement your engineering hours. No more than 8 hours can be below the 3000 level.

Additional Information and Notes

The minimum number of engineering elective hours plus university elective hours is 36 (35 hours if MATH 2560 is applied toward the degree).

Minimum 128 earned hours required for graduation.

Minimum 39 hours at the 3000-4000 level.

2.0 GPA in all required major and related courses (including specified General Education courses).

See Degree and Graduation Requirements  for additional requirements.

*Also satisfies requirement in the major.

#Also satisfies a general education requirement.

ClearPath Showcase

ClearPath Showcases provide students with an opportunity to see program requirements defined in a semester-by-semester format. The ClearPath Showcases also provide students with important tips, pointers, and suggestions for staying on track with progress toward the degree. Students should also meet regularly with their academic advisor.

Click on the link below for a printable ClearPath Showcase for your academic program:

Engineering: Interdisciplinary, B.S.E.

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