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2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog Archived Catalog

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BIOL 5080 - Limnology and Reservoir Ecology

(3) Credit Hours

Chemical, physical, and biological processes in lake and reservoir systems (nutrient budgets and cycling, hydrodynamics, phytoplankton/ zooplankton/benthic dynamics, and physical similarities and differences in lakes and reservoirs). Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours. Prerequisite: approval of Department Head. Corequisite: ESC 5080L. May be registered as ESC 5080. Credit not allowed in both BIOL 5080 and ESC 5080. Laboratory/studio course fee will be assessed.
3.000 Credit hours
2.000 Lecture hours
2.000 Lab hours

Levels: Graduate
Schedule Types: Face-to-Face Classroom Instruc, Blended/Hybrid (30-79% Web), Internet (80%> Web Based), Lecture, Video Streaming/Interactive, Web-Enhanced (29%< Web Based)

Biological and Env Sciences Department

Course Attributes:
Lab/Studio Fee, Repeatable Course

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