MGT 5190 - Data Mining and Analytics

(3) Credit Hours

This course provides an introduction to the field of business intelligence and analytics. The focus of this class is hands-on learning of how to use statistical techniques to solve business problems. It covers extensive use of data, quantitative analysis, exploratory and predictive models, and fact-based management to generate knowledge and drive decisions and actions. The use of key performance indicators, dashboards and scorecards for performance management and opportunity assessment are also addressed. This course expands on probability and statistical concepts, statistical modeling, and experimental design. This class uses a real-life data project and SAS Enterprise Guide. Prerequisites: One semester of business stats with a C or better or at least 80% in Statistics module or MGT 5835, Quantitative Decision Analysis for Business or PMBA 5835, Quantitative Decision Analysis for Business, or Dept. Head approval. Restricted to MBA, MACC and PB Business Analytics majors.  Standard letter grade. Credit not allowed in both PMBA 5190 and MGT 5190. Differential Course Fee will be assessed. Business Graduate Course Fee will be assessed.

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