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2010-2011 Graduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Graduate Catalog Archived Catalog

Graduate Program Regulations

Specific requirements for each degree program and certificate programs are given under the degree heading. Regulations applying to all graduate degrees and certificates are stated below.

Admission to Candidacy

Admission to a graduate degree program allows the student to demonstrate ability but does not guarantee the right to continue toward a degree unless he or she is admitted to candidacy.

The application for admission to candidacy should be made after the student has completed in residence nine semester hours of approved graduate courses (excluding transfer credit and any specified prerequisites) and before completion of more than 18 hours. The appropriate form may be obtained at

In order to be eligible for admission to candidacy, the student must have a B average (3.0 GPA) on all courses taken for graduate credit and have completed prerequisite and designated courses as required by the major department or school and no grade below a C.

In addition, some departments require that applicants for admission to candidacy successfully complete a qualifying examination prior to admission to candidacy for the degree. Please refer to the appropriate department for specific information regarding qualifying examination requirements or other departmental requirements for admission to candidacy.

On the application, the student must list the courses which have been completed and those which the student plans to complete to fulfill requirements for the degree. The application, reviewed and signed by the major adviser and approved by the coordinator of the graduate program, must be submitted to The Graduate School office and approved by the dean of The Graduate School at least one semester prior to the date on which the degree is anticipated. It is this approved program, rather than any examples that may appear in the Graduate Catalog, which will constitute the student’s graduation requirements.

A student who fails to submit a candidacy form before completion of more than 18 graduate hours must petition Graduate Council for acceptance of the additional course hours.

Application for the Degree

Students are responsible for applying for graduation with the Records Office according to the published deadlines. Students who neglect to file an application by the published deadline must apply for the subsequent graduation ceremony. The applicable deadlines are:

  • Spring Graduation Ceremony - October 15
  • Summer Graduation Ceremony - March 15
  • Fall Graduation Ceremony - June 15

The application form is available in the Records Office or online at

Catalog Effective Date

Graduate students will comply with the catalog requirements in effect at the time of admission to candidacy.

Certificate Programs

A graduate certificate program is a planned program of graduate-level study comprised of a minimum of nine hours of graduate-level academic courses. Certificate programs–with their flexible, cutting-edge, and concentrated nature–enhance the University’s ability to meet the needs of an increasingly technological and sophisticated economy.

A candidate for a graduate certificate of credit program must be a fully admitted student who has satisfactorily completed the minimum requirements for the certificate as described elsewhere in the Catalog. These minimum requirements include achieving a 3.0 grade point average in the program itself as well as a cumulative 3.0 GPA on any prior work taken at the University. The candidate must be a graduate student in good standing and in compliance with all other applicable policies.

Students who expect to complete the requirements for a certificate program must file a Graduation Application with the Records Office by the date specified on the graduation application.The application is available in the Records Office or on the Web site,

In addition to submitting the Graduation Application, students must submit an Application for Completion of Certificate Program to The Graduate School no later than the last day to add courses in the semester the student anticipates  completing the certificate. The Application for Completion of Certificate Program is located on the Web site,

Certificates are approved for placement on transcripts at the same time degree conferrals are awarded (May, August, and December). When the student has successfully completed the coursework in the certificate program, the Graduate  School will mail an official UTC certificate of completion to the student. The Graduate School will monitor the completion of the certificate requirements and notify the Records Office.

Comprehensive Examinations

A candidate for a graduate degree must follow the policy of the department concerning administration of comprehensive examinations. In some degree programs, comprehensive examinations are waived or options are given. Where applicable, the examination is administered by the major department or school but includes the related areas of study. The mode of this examination may be oral or written with the approval of the appropriate graduate committee. To be eligible to take the exam, the student must have a cumulative 3.0 grade point average and had his or her candidacy form accepted. The examination is normally taken in the semester in which the candidate is completing course requirements. An application indicating the appropriate date and option requested for the examination must be submitted to and approved by the dean of The Graduate School at least one month prior to the date of the comprehensive examination.

A student who fails the comprehensive examination may retake the examination once if recommended by the major department. In unusual circumstances a student, with the approval of the major department, may petition the Graduate Council for a third examination.

Comprehensive Examination Dates



November 6, 2010

March 6, 2011 July 10, 2011

Course Requirements

The total minimum credit required for a master’s degree varies from 30 to 85 semester hours as specified for the particular degree program. At least one-half of the total hours must be in the major area. Credits in elective areas are specified in the degree program or are approved by the department or school.

Dissertation, Dissertation Committee

Please see the discussion under “Doctoral Policies and Procedures.”


In order to be eligible for degree conferral, the candidate must have completed all coursework as specified on the approved Application for Admission to Candidacy form, with no course with a grade below C presented for the degree and with a minimum average of B on each of the following: a) all coursework taken for graduate credit at UTC; b) all coursework transferred to UTC for graduate credit and; c) all coursework completed to fulfill the program approved on the Application for Admission to Candidacy. The same credits may not be used toward two master’s degrees.

Prerequisite Courses


Graduate study in any department or school must be preceded by sufficient undergraduate work to satisfy the department or school that the student can continue at the graduate level in the chosen field. Each student’s undergraduate record is examined by the appropriate department or school before admission to a degree program is granted. Since undergraduate courses differ in content and extent, not all prerequisites can be listed in the Graduate Catalog. Specified prerequisite courses may be taken for undergraduate credit or challenged by special examination. Undergraduate prerequisites do not count toward degree requirements.

Residency Requirement

Graduate degree students may be required to complete one or more semesters of full-time study as determined by the major department.


The thesis represents the culmination of an original research project completed by the student. The organization, method of presentation, and subject matter of the thesis are important in conveying to others the results of such research. The thesis must be prepared according to the established requirements of The Graduate School. Students required to write a thesis must continue to register for 5999r Thesis each fall and spring semester after the initial registration until the thesis is accepted for binding. The student must be enrolled for at least two semester hours of thesis during the semester the thesis is submitted. (Students graduating in August must register for thesis hours in at least one summer term.)

Stop out

If, through unusual circumstances, the student cannot work continuously on the thesis, the student may request in writing a one-time stop-out. This request must be made no later than the end of the enrollment period of the succeeding semester. The stop-out is not to exceed four continuous fall and spring semesters. The stop-out request must be approved by the thesis advisor and the dean of The Graduate School.

Grading of Thesis

NP grades for thesis hours will be recorded during semesters when, in the judgment of the thesis advisor, the student fails to demonstrate adequate progress on the thesis.

SP grades will be recorded for those semesters during which adequate progress occurs.

A final grade for the thesis course will not be recorded until the thesis has been deposited in the library. At that time, up to six of the most recent semester hours of previously SP graded thesis credit will be recorded as A or B on the student’s transcript. NP grades and SP grades for thesis in excess of the thesis hours required will remain on the transcript.

Submission of Thesis

A full draft of the thesis must be submitted to the dean of The Graduate School for review no later than one month prior to the first day of scheduled final examinations for the term in which the student expects to graduate. When the thesis has been successfully defended, the original and three copies of the approved thesis must be submitted to the dean of The Graduate School for final approval by the last day of examinations for the term during which the student plans to graduate.

Before a thesis is deposited in the library, it is the responsibility of the thesis committee to examine the materials and to make sure that the report is mechanically accurate and attractively presented, is free of technical errors in format, is suitable for binding and reflects credit upon the University and its graduate program. If the form of the thesis is not thus approved, the student must make whatever corrections are necessary and submit the materials again. The thesis must include the standardized approval sheet, signed by the members of the committee, which certifies to the dean of The Graduate School that the committee has examined the final copy of the thesis and deemed it satisfactory.

Graduate Council requires that thesis students submit a fourth copy of their thesis electronically to ProQuest/UMI, the authoritative source of current graduate research. The cost is $45. Specific instructions are available at

Thesis Committee

The thesis committee shall consist of a chairperson and at least two other persons. The chairperson must be a full-time faculty member in the thesis student’s department in a tenure-track position and should have full master’s graduate faculty status. One other member of the committee must be a full-time faculty member in the thesis student’s department. The remaining members of the committee must either be full-time faculty members in the student’s department or must possess qualifications that are deemed suitable for committee membership by the student’s department and by members of the Graduate Faculty.

Time Limit of Candidacy Program

All credit applied toward a master’s or specialist’s degree must be earned within a six-year period beginning with the registration for the earliest course counted. On appeals for a one-year or less extension of the time limits for the degree, and on such appeal only, the departmental committee may grant a one year extension of the time limit. The Graduate Council shall be notified promptly and in writing of all such appeals being granted.

Transfer Credit

A majority of all coursework in a graduate student’s program must be taken for graduate credit at UTC. Graduate program faculty will determine the extent of transfer credit acceptable in their respective programs.

To be considered for transfer credit in any graduate degree or certificate program, a course taken at another university must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • carry graduate credit from a regionally accredited university
  • have a grade of B or better
  • fit within the timeframe of the student’s candidacy program
  • not have been used for a previous degree at the same degree level

Initiation of procedures to have transfer credit accepted is the responsibility of the student, who must have one official transcript sent to the UTC Graduate School directly from the institution(s) at which the work was taken. The student should present the syllabus to the program coordinator/director. If the program coordinator finds the coursework comparable in requirements and standards to the relevant UTC coursework and recommends the transfer credit, the course(s) may be listed on the student’s candidacy form. This form should then be submitted to the dean of The Graduate School for final evaluation and approval. If approved, the credit will be incorporated into the student’s official academic record.